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Freedom Walk Day 18 Photos (Thalappara - Malappuram)

Freedom Walk started from Thalappara to Malappuram. As it was the beginning of North-East Monsoon, aka Thulavarsham, it had started raining during the evenings. On the way, we could enjoy the scenic beauty of God's own country. Here are snaps

trash pictures

it is well known that roadside trash is a common eyesore in india. the freedomwalk shows alot of this. earlier in the freedomwalk you passed a sign that included 5 or so quotes, including one from ross perot that said 'The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.'
i qualify this with the observation that some creatures make homes in these trash piles, and that india must have some enormous bower birds.


Anoop,Cherry and sooraj chettanmar visited our college today(STAS,Edappally).It was a nice interactive session...
best wishes for your project...

Wonderful.. I wish i could be

Wonderful.. I wish i could be there

sireee.... coatinthee

sireee.... coatinthee purakill cherryyee thannee oluppichuu vachirikkunnathuu....

looks awsome

looks awsome

ennaa saaareee congressil

ennaa saaareee congressil kayariyathu


I really appreciate the efforts you are making for the awareness of Freedom through this challenging way...

Wish I could also join you.. I am right now checking your routes...


PS: Anoop chetta... remember me? I am Sujith's Brother!