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Freedom Walk Day 25 Photos (Thrissur to Chalakkudy)

Freedom Walk Day 25 photos

three things

i have almost the same camera as yours, a polaroid pdc 3070. it is square and has dsc**** in the photo names.

some of your pix turned out dark. i have found that sometimes putting my sunglasses in front of the lens removes this problem, especially with video capture mode.

google picasa also had some success making darkened pictures lighter without too many artifacts.

nextly, running over my limit of 3 things, i went on a 5 day spring-hopping trip in florida, and wondered if you would like to see the pictures and if so, where can i make a page like this? i understand it is drupal. i can build it on a running drupal in vmware, and, i suppose, upload the drupal site to a dedicated server.

yes i do use linux. pclos at the moment. internals

Yes the site is done using Drupal with a dash of contributed modules. The site was done by Zyxware Technologies. You could try contacting Zyxware for getting something done like this for you.

Ethuu nerathanoo enthoo

Ethuu nerathanoo enthoo irangii thirikkann thonniyathuu...