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Browse images: Freedom Walk Day 2 Photos (Kanhangad to Cheruvathur)

Adiyil keri

Adiyil keri kedannoodaarunno??

Happy Birthday to Mr.Anoop John

Dear Anoop

Glad to know about the freedomwalk.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

May God shower you with His blessings!!!!!

Lots of love,
Nalloor Family- Dubai, UAE.

Aa cheriyeee screw-driver



ഐലഗ്-ടിവിഎം എന്ന ബുള്‍ഡോസര്‍ കേരളത്തിലെ എംഎസിനെ നിരപ്പാക്കട്ടെ!!!!

all the best for your great mission

hi friend, do you get me? we met at a bus shelter near kannapuram railway level cross just before an hour. all the best for your great mission. i will definitely try to do something to promote your activities through our site. if you wish pls visit .

Thamarasherii choramm

Monee iiii... thamarasheerii choromm ennuu keettittundoo....

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