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How can you participate in this freedom walk project?

The project is aimed at mobilizing social, environmental and software activism across Kerala. There are several ways in which you can be part of this project.

Some of these are

1) Join the walk

The walk will start from Kasargod on Oct 2 and will end at Trivandrum in around 45 days time. You can volunteer to join us for the walk in full or in specific stretches or even in your neighboring locality. Take a break from your routine for a day or two or a week or two or for the full walk. Join us and have fun and do good for the society at the same time.

2) Join the mailing list

We use the mailing list - - as our primary communication medium. The organization of the walk will happen through the mailing list. The list will also be used to send updates to the members about the progress of the walk. So join the list if you would like to participate in organizing the project or even if you just would like to keep yourself updated about the project.

3) Organize Meetings

Walking won't do any good unless we get to talk with people in the areas where we walk through. One of our main objectives is to hold programs in Schools, Educational Institutions and Other Organizations to spread awareness on the three freedoms we had described before. If you have access to an institution where you think this program would make sense do take the initiative in organizing the program in that institution. Let us know through the mailing list or through the organization sign up form.

4) Organize Stays

We will need help in organizing stay for the team of volunteers who will be taking part in the walk. We are going to be following an impromptu strategy for doing this but it would be wonderful if we could arrange stay ahead so that we can leave the worry out of our heads. We are not at all picky about the places where we will be staying. However it would be great if we get secure places to stay.

5) Spread the word

Spreading awareness about the project does not have to happen just through the seminars and the public talks. You can play a role in doing that. You can tell your friends and relatives about the project and invite them to join us. If you know people that we should contact directly, let us know and we will do that gladly. In any case do join us in spreading the word. If you are a blogger, do blog about us. If you are not a blogger do start a blog and let this be your first blog entry :-)

6) Figure out ways for you to use this platform

If you are a social activist or the member of an activist organization, then you can use this Freedom Walk to spread your message and highlight your activities as well. We are open to ideas of promoting as many people and organizations as possible. The more the merrier. So let us know what you want us to do for you and we can try to include as many activities as practically possible into the schedule.

7) Keep in touch after the walk

The project does not end with the walk. The walk is only the beginning of a mobilization that we will be hoping to continue after this Freedom Walk. But the key aspect would be maintain the contacts and connections we establish during the project. So do keep in touch with us as well as the other people you come across through the project. United we stand, so let us keep united and work for our country.

Each of these different ways are significant in its own sense in that you can not run a program of this scale without each of the constituting aspects. So even if you can't take part in all of them, do take part in whatever way you can and support this noble cause in your own way.