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Freedom Walk: Day 36 - Kottayam to Thanneermukkam Bund

day36-150x150.JPGToday was a busy day at Kottayam. We would spend most of today in town at various commitments. Powered by an excellent breakfast and lots of support from "Manoj Achachen" and his family, we made towards MD seminary Higher Secondary School. We were joined on the way by Jin, a lucky camper at BCM college. Apparently he is among 18 other male students at this otherwise all womens' college, which should certainly be an interesting academic experience, if nothing else.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 35 - Kodungoor to Kottayam

day35-150x150.JPGThe hospitality at Mr. Gopidas's home was like an oasis in a desert. After the exhausting 36hours of the 3rd and the 4th, we slept like babies. The food that his wife had prepared was great, and the warmth and affection of the family was like balm to our weary hearts. Anoop got to meet his childhood friend, Anish.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 33 & 34 - Kanchiyar to Kodungoor

day33-150x150.JPGSince we had been falling behind on the mileage acrued so far, we started off early from Kanchiar. We had been promised that the route would be mostly downhill, but things were not so simple up here in the Ghats. We slowly learnt that for every slope, there is a matching uphill climb in this area. Walking down these beautiful areas, we noted that the roads had lost their quality after leaving the Painavu area. The road seemed to be following the Mulla-periyar river for a while, and we couldn't resist wetting our feet in it.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 32 - Painavu to Kanchiyar

day32-150x150.JPGAfter yesterday's exhausting 40km-ish uphill trek, we'd slept soundly overnight. Some of us had not even changed out of our dirty clothes. The cool weather however, refreshed us, and we woke to the sound of chirping birds. Looking out of the PWD rest house, the view is breathtaking. The Dam reservoir spreads out into the distance, with a ring of hills around it, as if on guard. The presence of the Dam seems to be a good thing for the wild life, as human settlement is not allowed in this now restricted area. Small reprieve perhaps, for all the wildlife that was lost underwater to the reservoir.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 31 - Arakkulam to Painavu

day31-150x150.JPGThe exit from Arakkulam St. Mary's catholic church was rather abrupt. We were on our feet very early, because the day would be long today.

As soon as we reached Ashokan Kavala and took a left, the incline had begun - gentle at first and then slowly getting steep enough for us to break into sweat. By half past six, it was light, and we were on the lookout for short-cuts. The first one up helped us by-pass the first of the 12 hairpins up the Idukki Ghats.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 30 - Anicaadu to Arakkulam

day30-200x200.JPGThis morning, we woke up to the church congregation singing mass. We left a little later than usual ( about 9.30am ), because Cherry took some time to finish the write up for the Blog. Soon we left St. Sebastians Church, Aavoli, after thanking the Vicar, Fr. Mathew Valiyamattom for his hospitality, and posing for photographs.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 29 - Puthencruz to Anicaadu

medium_day29-200x200.JPGAs is usual at KSEB, we were woken up by the night staff, to make sure we were out before the work day began.

Sooraj found a friend of the family at the nearby "Faith India", a vocational training institution for the differently abled. Mr. Chandrasekhar, the director of the institute was very cordial, given the time of day we had barged in at - 8am. We spoke a little bit about our walk and the institute and exchanged contact details and promised to be in touch about the possibility of engaging in training in free software options tuned towards the differently abled.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 28 - Vyttila to Puthencruz

medium_day28-200x200.JPGSabu and Prinson excelled themselves this morning. They made us bed-coffee! This hospitality was nearly embarassing, and impressive. After a great breakfast, we were on our way, with Prinson in tow, towards Vytilla. The National News Channel, Doordarshan was to be interviewing us at Vytilla junction - a real privilege! We spent a good half hour shooting on the street and giving interviews. What was impressive was that the entire job was done by a single hand - the DD person for Ernakulam.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 27 - Kalamassery to Vyttila

day27-200x200.JPGToday we woke up to a delightful breakfast prepared by Cherry's uncle. Despite our vigorous assertions that we would have breakfast on the way to the day's program, he had got up before we were up and prepared a simple breakfast - this despite his disability! We enjoyed this delicious hospitality, and were soon on our way for the day's program.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Freedom Walk: Day 26 - Chalakkudy to Kalamassery

day25-200x200.JPGToday we woke up to bed coffee and a great breakfast, thanks to Anoop's folks. We also befriended their lovely pet poodle. Thus rejuvenated, we headed off at a brisk pace towards Angamali. Having walked a fair bit in the sun, we paired off into two groups, with Prasad and Sooraj leading, and Anoop and Cherry trailing. A novel sight was that of a rather sizeable statue of the laughing Buddha. The facility had a sign that read "feng shui practise", and also had a Garden and some sort of fish tank collection.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

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