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Promoting Freedom Walk over the Internet

The story on Freedom Walk was posted on FSDaily recently and is currently in the top news of the week. You can read more and vote for it at

Freedom Walk Story on

By voting for this you will ensure that this remains in high visibility and it would not take more than a few minutes to register and vote.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

What exactly are we trying to promote through Freedom Walk

Activism being a broad area, we intend to highlight and promote generic concepts that can be used across the board, specifically to highlight the limitless possibilities with the use of technology. More specifically we aim to promote Free Software as an empowering agent for Social and Environmental Activism. It is not just Free Software but we would also like to make use of the concepts and philosophies that underly Free Software in the areas of social and environmental activism.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Updated Freedom Walk Route published

We have updated the xml with the list of towns that the Freedom Walk will pass through. The towns are currently marked with yellow markers. This will be updated to green markers once the town has been covered.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Approximate distance between the towns through which freedom walk passes through

Using Google Maps and Google Earth we have calculated the approximate distances between the towns which we had identified as those that lie along the Freedom Walk path. We are publishing the details here. Using this information we will chart out an approximate schedule for the Freedom Walk. The approximated distances between the towns are as followsClick Here to Read the rest of this article

Tentative path for Freedom Walk published

We have created a tentative path for the upcoming Freedom Walk. The path has been prepared using Google Earth and is being published as kml file. the path has also been integrated into the google maps block on this site. You can see the path and the current progress of the Freedom Walk by clicking on the "View Larger Map" link below the map block on the right side.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Mailing list for organizing the Freedom Walk

We have created a mailing list named to use as our primary communication platform for organizing the Freedom Walk. We invite people who are interested in joining this project - either passively or actively to sign-up at the mailing list. Once signed up you can actively participate in the organization of the project or passively keep yourself updated with the latest with the project.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Towns through which the Freedom Walk will pass through

We have prepared a tentative list of all the towns through which our team of volunteers will be passing through during the upcoming Freedom Walk. This list is not a final list and is put up for review and modifications. We are publishing this list so that people in and around these towns can make use of this opportunity to organize Seminars during the Freedom Walk.Click Here to Read the rest of this article

Press Release on Freedom Walk

A press release about the proposed Freedom Walk from Kasargod to Trivandrum to be held from Oct 2 was delivered to all Media Houses in Trivandrum yesterday (4th Sep 2008). This was done after the Press Conference by Anoop John at Press Club Hall, Trivandrum. The content in the press release was posted as the writeup on Freedom walkClick Here to Read the rest of this article

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